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Midtown Atlanta engagement session | Columbus, GA Photographers | Megan & Adam

their story:

Adam and I’s romance began the way most modern romances do – with a message on We had both spent the first day of 2015 sadly single – I started my year by getting a parking ticket and watching my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide lose to Ohio State in the first round of the playoffs, and Adam spent 8 hours looking for girls to write on Match. On January 2, 2015, I woke up to a sweet and thoughtful message from Adam. I instantly connected with his love for family and warm smile and wrote him back. He worked quickly and we set our first date for Wednesday, January 7th at one of my favorite (and most frequented) bars in West Midtown. Ironically, I worked in West Midtown and Adam lived in West Midtown and in the many times we had gone out in the area, our paths had never crossed. Our first date lasted six hours and we very quickly became inseparable. Over the next couple of months, we met each other’s families, he supported me through the deaths of two grandparents, I cheered him on as he completed a basement renovation, he encouraged me during a job change, and we decided to attend a 5:30am Boot Camp in Piedmont Park together FOUR days a week (with neither of us being morning people and three months into our relationship, it was a rather ill-advised decision and didn’t last long!) Along the way we fell in love and realized that life would always be just a little bit better together. For our first “date-versary”, Adam surprised me with a weekend getaway to Seaside, FL. I have been going to Seaside with my family since I was 4 years old and Adam was able to go with my whole family during our trip last summer. Adam was so thoughtful and knew that even though I had moved states and homes this place had been a constant in my life. He knew Seaside was where he wanted to propose, so on March 25th we headed down for a weekend of sun and sand. Or so we thought. It rained ALL weekend long! Adam had well-laid plans to propose during sunset at our perfect little one-bedroom place on top of Modica’s Market overlooking the ocean and Seaside with 360d-egree views. But it poured cats and dogs and we weren’t going to see a break for the sunset. He threw aside his plans mid-afternoon on Friday and while I was sitting on the sofa flipping through a magazine, he asked me to grab ___ envelopes that he had laid out on the stairs leading to the rooftop deck (hoping against hope for a sunset). On the front of every envelope he laid out an important moment during our dating history and inside every one was a photo or memento from the day. When I got to the last envelope the inscription read “One year from the first time that I thought you could be the one.” After me awkwardly asking what he meant and him trying to explain it, Adam finally pulled a little blue ring box out of his pocket and started to kneel on one knee. Before he could get out a single word, I let out an enthusiastic “YES!” I hugged him hard before he pulled away and said “I should probably actually ask you and make sure you are saying yes to the right question. Will you marry me?” I let out five more enthusiastic “Yes’s” and he put the ring that he designed with his grandmother’s pear-cut center stone. It might be the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! We celebrated the entire weekend at the rainy beach before heading back to start wedding planning! We will be married April 8, 2017 at The Wimbish House in Midtown. And I just can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives as husband and wife!

Midtown Atlanta engagement session:

When we first met with Megan and Adam they already knew what their vision was for their engagement session – Midtown Atlanta where their hearts were first knit! As Megan described in their story, Adam’s home has played a big role in their relationship as it created Megan’s first opportunity to become Adam’s biggest cheerleader when he was completing a basement renovation and ultimately has become their oasis from the everyday pressures and grind. This retreat is surprisingly nestled in the middle of the city, but you would never guess with how serene it is among the wooded lot, which simply made for a gorgeous backdrop for their pictures! Afterward, we headed to Midtown’s Westside Provision’s District where we got to capture them in one of their favorite spots and more importantly where this love began – JCT Kitchen. I absolutely LOVE that we got to shoot them in the very location where they had their first blind date! JCT Kitchen was so generous and gave Megan and Adam drinks on the house since they were celebrating their engagement there…could this session get any better?! Cheers to Megan and Adam and the decades of love and LAUGHTER they have ahead of them!


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