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  • Our blog was excitedly re-established in April 2015, after re-branding ourselves. Here you will find our most recent weddings, as well as personal posts about wedding planning and such! Grab a tasty beverage and ENJOY.

new BRAND // new SITE // new BLOG

pics by meredith-1We are so excited to share with you all what we have been diligently working on and eagerly anticipating over the past couple months. As God, and awesome brides and grooms across the U.S., have continued to grow our wedding photography business we felt it was time to update our look and show more of our personality through our brand. We could not be happier with how it all came out with the talented hand of our designer Sarah from Electric Dreams Designs. It is amazing to see how different all the creative arts and talents are expressed. Even though many people comment about how creative and talented we are as a husband-wife photography team, there is no way I could have imagined and created our new brand without the help of another creative professional! While although making this investment was large financially, emotionally, and time-wise, I can confidently say it was well worth it for a few reasons that I feel mimic a bride’s investment in her wedding photography…

1. We got to work with a professional. We were treated with care, concern, and urgency. She has a business to back her words; so she was timely, educated us, and give us the best advice.

2. Her experience. Our designer knows the field. She is an expert in web design and surprise, I am not! Sure, Randall and I could come up with some ideas and throw together a logo or template website, but ultimately we know photography software, not web designing software or programming. Sarah, our designer, wakes up in the middle of the night to write down new and innovative design ideas…she researches the latest material with templates, WordPress, and other programs I don’t even know about!…She knows what’s the current trend, what’s cutting edge, and how to blend those with who we are as a couple – as a professional husband-wife team.

3. Our pride. We are totally excited to stand behind our new brand, website, and blog! We present it all with pride and gratitude, as we know it will be something that will grow with our business over the years. Our first logo that Randall and I ever created for our business is one that has taken us on an emotional roller coaster haha. When we first created it with Photoshop we were proud of it because of what it represented – the beginning of this journey as photographers, then we realized it was unprofessional. So we paid a minuscule amount to have someone design just our logo, thinking that was enough. We loved the logo, but it was missing a story…our story as husband and wife and photographers. Ultimately, we got what we paid for!

4. Our experience. Just like wedding photography, the experience you have goes beyond the images. It can be filled with stress or ease, excitement or dread, friendship or discord…you get the picture! Thankfully we walked away from our re-branding experience with excitement, thankfulness, and a new friend, Sarah!

After walking through this long and intense process of re-branding ourselves, we are reminded of how important our job is as wedding photographers. We want every bride to get the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry, to have an experience that is tried and true, to receive images that evoke the same emotions they felt on their wedding day – whether it’s 2 weeks or 10 years since they exchanged vows and said “I do”!

We look forward to growing our business with and through you, couples across the world…we are so humbled and grateful to you for inviting us into your love story!

Here’s to 2015, our biggest year yet! If 2016 is your year, contact us today as we are already booking!


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