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Outfit Inspiration for Your Portrait Session | Columbus, GA Family Photographer

If you are anything like me, as soon as fall hits I begin dreaming about the change in weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and inevitably our holiday photo session. As excited as I am about getting new photos taken to update our old ones, I have a bit of apprehension as I begin to see the daunting task of pulling together 3 outfits for our growing family. Too often have I found myself the DAY before our session scrambling to the stores looking for outfits (buying more than I need from each one) only to come home to play outfit tetris, then run a load of laundry, and then have a slew of returns to make. Then I always wonder, could I have worked with our own wardrobe better? Could I have picked outfits that said more about our personalities and family? Would I have found that exact color I was looking for in my scarf had I searched sooner? All these questions plagued my mind…and bank account haha.

SO – here I am to share FIVE tips I have learned to yield the best outfit choices for our family and avoid this mayhem – making the most of what you already have, while choosing outfits that express who you are! We have had amazing families and couples over the years that have done an incredible job pulling together their outfits, that I’m going to use to show you their outfit inspirations as examples. You can find more outfit inspiration on our Pinterest pin-board though if desired.

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1. COORDINATE, don’t match.

First, decide, do you like bold or pastel colors, bright or neutrals? You can start by choosing one outfit and build from there. You can also start by picking 2-3 colors, and then you can add a pop of color. Let each member show their unique personalities by the pattern/color they choose (think plaid, strips, polka-dots, solids – anything goes!). Most importantly remember that these days everyone wearing khakis/jeans with the same shirt is a blast from the past and really outdated – so have fun with this!

Fall Family Photo Session in the Leaves | www.hannahandrandall.comFall Couples Photo Session in the Orange Leaves |


This is my favorite part, because this is the easiest and best place to add in personalities! Don’t be afraid to add all kinds of layers and textures. Let me start with accessories. Think cardigans, vests, sweaters over dress shirts, scarves, bow ties, suspenders, belts, hair pieces, even flower crowns for the ladies! Layers also look beautiful in photos. It adds a lot of dimension and can add variety to your shoot – halways through your shoot you can simply remove items or throw some on for a different look. As you are considering these accessories and layers, feel free to throw in some cool textured pieces. Fur, sweater knit, corduroy, frills, even tulle for the little ones. Let yourself be you and your kids be kids!

Fall Couple Photo Session with Scarf and Sweater | www.hannahandrandall.comFall Couple Photo Session with English Bulldog |


This is super important and often times not even thought about. You need to decide where in your house are you going to hang your photos? You’ll want to select a color scheme that follows or compliments the colors you have in that room. Most importantly, this should help you to consider how “seasonal” you want to dress. If everyone is wearing their favorite Christmas sweaters, that could make for a super fun and cute holiday card, but come February you will probably want to take it down just like all your other “seasonal” decorations. But heck! If you know you will be getting more pictures done in the spring, go for it!

Fall Couple Photo Session With Neutral Sweaters |


When I say comfortable I mean both physically and emotionally. You need to feel comfortable physically in whatever you wear so that you are not restricted during your photoshoot. That means consider how tight or loose, how long or short your outfit pieces are. Also, feeling comfortable in the outfit is important because it will effect how you feel about yourself during the shoot and it will show! Like I mentioned before, your outfit is supposed to be a representation of who you are. I made the mistake once before of dressing Randall, my hubby, in clothing he had never worn before, for pictures (due to my last minute outfit planning and store-runs, EEK). Although he looked amazing in the pictures, he would have preferred to be in clothing that fit more of his sense of style.

Fall Photo Session for Little Girl in Skirt and Sweater |

Fall Couples Photo Session in Black and White |

5. THE BIG NO’s.

A few honorable mentions are to not have any large logos or writing on clothing which can be very distracting in pictures. Gentlemen, try avoid wearing running shoes and if you wear dress shoes, make sure you are wearing socks that you won’t be embarrassed if they show. *These are examples of GOOD choices 😉

Fall Family Photo Session in the Field at Sunset | www.hannahandrandall.comFall Photo Session for Little Girl in Patterned Dress |

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